Seniors for Seniors Program – All animals aged 5+ can be adopted to people aged 55+ for $5.  Regular adoption application required and regular adoption criteria apply. 

Thanks to the Albert Schweitzer Foundation (and Albert Schweitzer Fellow, Dee Petersen), any person aged 55+ who has a referral for a companion animal from a medical professional* can adopt any of our animals aged 5+ for no fee and will be sent with one year of any prescribed medication.  Food assistance can be discussed if needed. Regular adoption application required and regular adoption criteria apply.

This can be done by written prescription, letter on practice letterhead, or email directly from the medical office to

*Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Therapist (MSW or MFT), Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Physical/Occupational Therapist.  For other medical practitioners, please email for prior authorization.

Freedom Friends – Adoption of any animal to US Military Veterans is always free.  Regular adoption application required and regular adoption criteria apply. Proof of service required.

Fireman’s Friends – Any person who shares a medical condition with one of our animals, can adopt that animal for no cost. Regular adoption application required and regular adoption criteria apply.  For some of these animals, especially those matched with children, we are able to arrange transport to many major US airports through our friends who are employees at Delta Airlines and who volunteer to escort animals in cabin for us on their time of from work.


Hospice Program
Our Hospice Program is for our pets who have medical problems that our Vet has determined will shorten their life. We believe that they should have the best quality of life possible for their remaining time with their foster family. For information on our current Hospice Pets please check out Pinto's Facebook page here, and read her story below.
Pinto Vroom came to UOH in July 2015. She had some health issues that puzzled our staff for a few months. After numerous appointments and tests it was discovered Pinto had a pituitary brain tumor. She was given six months to live. Of course, her foster family was devastated. They wanted to give her the send off of her life. That’s when UOH decided to create Pinto’s Bucket List. And Pinto did just that. She went to the beach, the snow, to the movies, to SF, Monterey, had a zillion puppachinos and cheeseburgers and even went on a camping trip. The best time was when her mommy and daddy took her on a cross country road trip where she met friends and followers along the way. Pinto was one happy and loved chihuahua. 
Being the spokesperson had many perks. She was on TV and met her favorite TV anchor Maria Medina. She wanted everyone to give their beloved animals the best ending to their lives. 
In January of 2018, Pinto began slowing down.. Her body was tired and she was ready to go. She took her last breath April 6, 2018 surrounded by her family, her vet staff and volunteers from UOH. 

~Run pain free sweet Pinto.  You will forever remain in our hearts. Love, mommy and daddy

Cats of Hazzard
Sweet special needs kittens with issues affecting mobility, sight &/or heart. Fostered by @umbrellaofhope. For more info, visit their Instagram page @catsofhazzard or email Click here to access their Amazon Wish List.

Instagram Accounts
Pippo is on Instagram @cantstoppippo
Bumble is on Instagram @bumblethetripoddoodle
Odie is now Max and is on Instagram @the_mighty_maximilian
Sour Pickles is on Instagram @sour_pickles_big_dill
Pineapple is on Instagram @roll_like_pineapple
Podkin is on Instagram @podkin1ear
Figgy Pudding is on Instagram @figgypuddingpup 
Hoka is on Instagram @hokatheotterpup
Nemo is on Instagram @nemos_luckyfin 
Pawnald Trump is on Instagram @thepawtus 
Popplio is on Instagram @popplio_pokepup
Banana is on Instagram @go_bananapup
Flummadiddle is on Instagram @flummadiddle2legs 
Porkchop and Pistachio are on Instagram @porkchopandpistachio
Oatmeal is on Instagram @original.oatmeal

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