Cat Program

Umbrella of Hope offers a community assistance for people in Contra Costa County who have found litters of orphan kittens or moms with litters of kittens. 

We will provide any needed medical care, vaccinations, and deworming for the mom and litter. When the kittens reach 2.5 lbs in weight (usually at 8-10 weeks of age) we will spay/neuter them and mom for FREE.  

We ask that YOU foster the cats and welcome them into your home until they are old enough to get spayed/neutered. We will also provide any needed support as you go through this wonderful, but tiring experience. We have bottle-feeding tutors and lots of volunteers with kitten experience. Finding a needy animal or litter is how a lot of us got started in rescue and then we stayed! We may also be able to provide you with supplies (ie: kitty litter), but this is very limited and based on donations received.

We ask that people who find orphan litters (no mom) to find us an unspayed adult female cat to spay for FREE to take the place of the missing mom cat. This can be your own cat, a neighbor's cat, a co-workers cat, a stray cat etc. We want to take one breeding female out of the cycle for every litter of kittens we help. 

We ask that you DO NOT give ANY of the cats away to new homes until they have been altered (no exceptions) or you will be dropped from the program. Once that cats are spayed/neutered, you are welcome to keep them, adopt them out as you see fit, or, if space is available, bring them WITH YOU to our adoption events.

Please complete one contract application (see below) for each litter of kittens you have found. Once you have completed and signed the contract application, please send it to us via:


Fax: 925-427-4381 Attn: UOH Community Assist 

Mail: Umbrella of Hope, 4080 Railroad Ave suite C, Pittsburg, CA 94565

We will contact you if you qualify for the program and will set up an initial intake exam. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us.

If you do not have litters of kittens, but would like make a donation to help keep this program running, donations of the following are appreciated and can be dropped off at our vet's office in Pittsburg weekdays between 9am-5pm. (Well Pet Vet Clinic, 4040 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, CA, 94565). The staff can give you a tax deductible donation receipt for your donation.

Disposable Lasagna pans 

Canned Evaporated Milk 

Canned Goat's Milk 

Kitty litter 

Kitten food (wet and dry... we prefer Royal Canin Babycat, but we will accept ANYTHING) 

Litter Boxes (square litter boxes preferred, no large domed litter boxes)

Metal folding crates and pet carriers (used is FINE) 

Community assist contract updated AUG2014.pdf Community assist contract updated AUG2014.pdf
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