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About Us

Umbrella of Hope Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in East Contra Costa County, California, which is funded, in large part, by donations from members of the community. Our main focus is on the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement in forever homes, of animals who are in danger of losing their lives in shelters.

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Ever see an umbrella tattoo on the tummy of one of our dogs, and wondered what it's all about? Well, we use these as special identifiers, so that if one of our dogs is picked up, or surrendered to a shelter, the staff knows to call us first. Click here to see a couple of examples of the umbrella tattoo.


Our Goals

  • To reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals through increased adoptions of those animals already born
  • To increase public awareness of homeless pets, encourage spay and neuter of companion animals, and promote adoption for the acquisition of family pets

Board of Directors

Shawn Coffman, President

Tish Bilby, Vice President

Laurie Noe, DVM, Medical Director

Dee Petersen, Director and Treasurer

Tara Tabayoyon, Director and Secretary

Leadership Team

Tish Bilby,  Assistant Director

Terri Levels, Event Coordinator 

Karen K. Anderson, Webmistress

Courtney Page, Cat Program Coordinator

Elea Sutter, Transport Coordinator and Junior Volunteers

Natalie Amaya, Social Media Coordinator

Diane Denning, Facilities Management

Jenn Navarro, Junior Volunteers

Beth Allen-Garland, Amanda Lee, April Granelli and Marlena Castro, Medical Liasons/Consultants

Diane Denning, Bookkeeping and IT

Barbara Brady-Smith, Kristy Daugherty Keusch, Christine Mikulice, Natalie Amaya and Teressa Fuller,  Photographers

Student Interns

Brynn, Teressa, Natalie and Alexandra



Pinto's Bucket List

One dog is proving just how important it is to live everyday as if it were your last. Pinto, an 8-year-old Chihuahua, was dropped off at Contra Costa Animal Services in California last July in the middle of the night, injured and in pain. The poor dog was absolutely terrified, and she had a huge wound on her head.  Umbrella Of Hope decided that we could help her, as we often take animals that have severe medical problems.  She had an enormous abscess on the right side of her forehead, which was drained and sutured, and throughout the procedure Pinto was a model citizen.

But shortly after Pinto was rescued a heartbreaking discovery was made. Pinto's head wound was taking longer than usual to heal, and a host of other issues led vets to do an x-ray of her head — where they discovered a rapidly growing brain tumor...Pinto was dying. Fortunately, Pinto was not in any pain and still had a loving and playful demeanor — so the rescue decided that they would help her do as much as she could before she passed. That's how Pinto's bucket list was born.

Since then, Pinto hasn't wasted a single day. We've had people sneaking her into drive-in movie theaters, and she's spent the day hanging out with the Moraga Firefighters...they even let her ride shotgun in the truck and bought her a burger (her favorite food)!

But one of Pinto's greatest adventures so far was the day she got the opportunity to get married. In Pinto's foster home, she met another sick dog named Rembrandt. Rembrandt was extremely ill with an unknown disease, but that didn't stop the two from becoming inseparable. It was the cutest love story, although he was in pain...they'd snuggle and share snacks. The dogs were married surrounded by their foster family and the volunteers who loved them. A week later, Rembrandt finally passed away. The rescue likes to think that he waited until he was married before finally deciding that it was time to go.

Pinto is still working on her bucket list, and is hoping to complete another wish soon: making sure that her story is heard. If you would like to help Pinto with her bucket list, please click on the link above, or send us an email at beourpet@gmail.com.

Our Partners and Benefactors 

 UOH is a member of Maddie’s® Treatable Assistance Program

Petcube, Inc.


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Well Pet Vet Clinic cares for all of Umbrella of Hope's rescued animals...they rock!! 

Much thanks to Share the Joy Photography for making all of our adorable rescues look even more adorptable!

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