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RCC Clinic offers many surgical and dental procedures to UNOWNED animals residing in shelters or rescue group foster care for a VERY LOW COST.  Financial assistance is available and is discussed at the bottom.

Surgeries will be performed by a team consisting of a licensed veterinarian and veterinarian student/s. Dental cleanings/extractions will be performed by teams of RVT's and RVT student/s. Space IS limited so we will be accepting, reviewing and selecting animals from the applications we receive.  

If you are a new rescue group using RCC, please email us with a copy of your 501c3 and a list of board members that are authorized to make appointments.

Please fill out an appointment request and return ONE FOR EACH PATIENT in separate emails to You must attach medical records and proof of Rabies vaccine to the email request that states that the requested procedure is recommended by a veterinarian. All email inquiries must come through official rescue group/shelter email accounts and NOT through personal foster home email accounts. 

You may submit these at any time, but please note that it may take several weeks to several months to find an available space.  We will do the best we can and hope that you understand! (Emails are usually only answered on Mondays). Fees are due to be paid on the date of service by cash or checks made out to Umbrella of Hope.

ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE A CHIHUAHUA (OR MIX) OR ADULT CAT** IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR PROCEDURE?*  If YES, please give us any parameters we need to consider when choosing one for you: 

All animals must be spayed/neutered at time of additional procedure, but we DO NOT provide ONLY spay/neuter!  We are NOT capable of performing most orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate repair, etc at this point. If a procedure is not listed, you can ask, but if it requires a specialist, we will not be able to accommodate it at this time.

Amputation (Less than 25#) $175

Bloodwork -- All animals 5 years of age or older are required to have a Chem-10. All animals 10 years of age or older are required to have a CBC and Chem-17. You can have bloodwork done at another clinic prior to the surgery date, but results must be faxed/emailed over beforehand. 
CBC $40
Chem-10 $30
Chem-17 $40
T4 $25

Canine spays and neuters are based on weight as follows:
Canine Neuter 1-25# $70
Canine Neuter 26-50# $100
Canine Neuter 51-100# $150
Canine Spay 1-25# $100
Canine Spay 26-50# $140
Canine Spay 51-100# $225
Canine Cryptorchid surgeries please ask for individual quotes

Cherry Eye Repair $75

Cystotomy $250

Entropion $100 both eyes

Enucleation $150 one eye, $200 both eyes

Feline Spay and Neuter
Feline Neuter $30
Feline Spay $55
Feline Cryptorchid $85

FHO (less than 20#) $175

Gastroplexy $300

Inguinal Hernia Repair $200

Laceration Repair $75

Lumpectomy -- based on size, we need to see records faxed over first from diagnosing vet.
Less than 10 min surgery time $100
10-15 min surgery time $150
15 mins plus surgery time $225

Pinnectomy (therapeutic only) $75

PU $250

Rabies Vaccine $13

Routine Canine or Feline dentals $200

Umbilical Hernia Repair $100

Xrays $50 per view

All animals are subject to a pre-surgical exam on the day of surgery to determine if it is an acceptable surgical candidate. All animals must be healthy and up to date on vaccinations. ALL surgical follow-up care will be the responsibility of the rescue group and will not be handled by Rescue Connect Clinic or Umbrella of Hope Rescue. As we are limited on the pain medicines that we can send home, SOME extensive procedures will REQUIRE you to have a same day/following day PAIN MANAGEMENT follow up appointment with your vet or an E-Vet and is at the discretion of our veterinarian (in these cases we WILL confirm with the vet that an appointment has been made and attended for the comfort of the animal).

*If you schedule an appointment and are not able to keep your appointment, you need to give us a minimum 24 hours notice that you are canceling the appointment. If you do not give the proper notice, your rescue group will not be allowed to make another RCC appointment for a minimum of 1 month for the first offense and will be banned for 1 year after the second offense. 

*Please note All RCC procedures will be done after Well Pet client procedures and may be subject to rescheduling due to staffing of clinics. We will try our best to notify you beforehand and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

*This is NOT exclusion criteria.  You do NOT have to take a chihuahua or cat in exchange for your procedure to be accepted to the clinic.

For RESCUE GROUPS: If you commit to taking healthy, friendly chihuahuas (or mixes) that we will pull from our local shelter, then you can get credit for up to the whole procedure.

We choose the chihuahuas and make sure they are behaviorally sound and healthy. We also make sure they are altered, vaccinated and have clean teeth. That way, you can put them straight up for adoption.

Chihuahuas that are 4 or less years old and 6-12 lbs are worth a $100 credit to your RCC account
Chihuahuas that are 5-7 years old OR over 12 lbs are worth $150 credit to your RCC account
Chihuahuas that are over 7 OR 5-7 years and 12+ lbs are worth $250 credit to your RCC account
Chihuahuas that are over 7 years and greater than 7 lbs are worth $300 credit to your RCC account

There are some REALLY nice chihuahuas that are in need of rescue and who we would like to save. Let's make a deal???

For cat-only groups (or groups that prefer cats if we have them available for transfer), we will offer the same thing in exchange for adult cats and SOMETIMES litters of kittens.

FINANCIAL AID -- financial aid for rescue groups is our chihuahua/cat exchange as stated above.  Open-Admission shelters may apply for financial assistance in the form of limited scholarships available that can reduce the cost of the procedure by UP TO 90%.  Please tell us with the application that you need assistance and let us know what co-pay (of the total amount) that you are capable of paying. Selection is by committee and done as available.

Thank you,
The Rescue Connect Clinic Team

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